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Model SLC UV Curing Conveyors

Designed to meet the needs of laboratory, development and production for curing a wide variety of photo-catalyzed chemistries, including UV inks, coatings, adhesives, paints, and powders. 

Our conveyors don't compromise flexibility or quality for cost. Call OWLE Technologies today to discuss your specific application and finalize a specification. We'll build you a robust piece of equipment with the performance you expect.

Standard Features:

  • Variable speed from 5 - 100 fpm or from 20 - 400 fpm with included belt and pulleys

  • Belt widths of 8", 14" and 22" available

  • Belt material is open mesh Teflon-coated Kevlar - heat, UV resistant, antistatic

  • Digital speed readout with 1/2" illuminated characters

  • Lamp system integration included

  • Electrical supply: 120V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

  • Fixed lamp focus

  • UV system versatility:

  •         SLC-08-42: (1) 6" microwave or arc lamp

  •         SLC-14-42: (2) 6" or (1) 10" microwave or arc lamp or (1) 12" arc lamp

  •         SLC-22-42: (3) 6" or (2) 10" microwave or (1) 20" arc lamp

Optional Features:

  • Stainless steel coarse or fine mesh belt

  • Ultra-low speed range of 0.1 to 2 fpm (requires SS belt)

  • Reversible belt direction for staged curing

  • Cure tunnel arrangement for 3D parts

  • Nitrogen inerting of cure tunnel

  • Exhaust fan for product vacuum hold-down

  • Base stand with wheels

  • Elapsed time meter

  • CE approval available

We will mechanically and electrically integrate and test the lamp system of your choice at our facility before shipment.
Call today to discuss your specific needs and for pricing and delivery on a suitable system!

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