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UV Curing

UV curing is the unique way that inks and coatings are 'dried' or more properly 'cured' by exposing to ultraviolet light.

The ultraviolet light from a UV lamp in combination with the chosen UV chemistry produces cured materials faster using less energy than traditional drying processes. Solvent evaporation using hot air, infrared lamps, or catalyzed reactions typically use more energy than UV and create harmful emissions.

The advantages of UV are well-documented, especially with products that require high-speed or are on substrates that are heat-sensitive.

Most products on the market today are coated, decorated, painted, laminated or otherwise surface modified. Some examples include printed products, credit cards, sunglasses, automotive window film, to name a few.  There has been tremendous progress in converting the coating processes to UV curing, and away from solvent-based processes.  

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The Association for UV&EB Technology

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